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What is Gladiator — the professional combatant in ancient Rome who engaged in fights to the death.
     At intense crisis of the pharmaceutical trade, lack of dedication, devotion, commitment with diligence and utmost concentration among organizers were considered to be prime facts to redeploy the persecuted and mistreated drug licensees in search of a ‘saviour’ to secure their diminishing business interest.
    To combat the catastrophe, Pharma Gladiator (India) was born in Kolkata in February 2010. It is not only a federation to engage leaders from all states, nor an organization to conduct meetings, not even an association to frame resolutions and norms; we are a forum to fight for the victims, to only for discussion from podiums but also to implement fruitful decisions to the welfare of the entire chemist fraternity.

Narendra Jain

Chief Trustee



My favorite tagline is ‘Hands those work are better than the lips which only pray’. Objective to form an organization is more to frame and concentrate the social revolution against obstacles and hindrances which will make the civilization scared, confused and hesitated. Pharma Gladiator is just an impetus, tips of enthusiasm to encourage the moral of a trader.
     Our business is like a valentine; we adore her, admire her, care for her; any affront, scratch, harm tantamount to mischief or molestation to her. To protect and secure our business from the adversities, discrepancies and hardships a stable platform is desired to all which have been complied with while we have introduced ‘Pharma Gladiator’ the ultimate savior.

Joydeep Sarkar

Managing Trustee


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